March 29, 2022 Diane Scavuzzo

International Soccer Academy and Strive Football Group Partner to Provide American Youths Opportunities to Play Soccer in France

International Soccer Academy and Strive Football Group Partner to Provide American Youths Opportunities to Play Soccer in France International Soccer Academy founders Eddie Loewen and Diane Scavuzzo join forces with Ravy Truchot, owner of Strive Football Group, to Help American youth soccer players take their game to the next level.

SAN DIEGO, Tuesday, March 29, 2022/International Soccer Academy (https:// and Strive Football Group (https:// announced a strategic partnership today. The goal is to expand opportunities for talented American youth soccer players who want to be immersed in a professional environment in Europe and take their game to the next level. Strive Football Group and International Soccer Academy share a determination to provide an authentic pathway for highly talented and hardworking youths who have big dreams and the desire to to get the exposure to the professional clubs in Europe.

International Soccer Academy’s mission is to transform player development and provide authentic opportunities for American soccer players who want to train and play in Europe. Strive Football Group’s mission is to help international student-athletes coming from all over the world reach their full potential through a global network of professional partner clubs and integrated football academies among which the American Paris Saint-Germain Academy Pro Residency and the prestigious International Center of European Football (ICEF). Since 2017, Strive’s International Center of European Football has been developing international players able to play at the highest level in Europe. This fall, ICEF welcomed four International Soccer Academy players from across America into its 10-month Pro Residency program at their state-of-the-art residency campus in Evian, France.

“We are pleased to partner with International Soccer Academy and continue to provide a wider range of opportunities for US soccer players in Europe,” said Strive football Group’s owner, Ravy Truchot. The partnership brings together the power and experience of International Soccer Academy and Strive Football Group to provide new possibilities for players ages 12 to 20 years of age.

“It is rare to find another organization devoted to the player,” said Eddie Loewen, cofounder of International Soccer Academy. “We are thrilled to partner with Strive and our players at the ICEF are thriving; immersed in the professional player-centric atmosphere and training with dedicated UEFA A licensed coaches.”

“We are working relentlessly to foster the next generation of US soccer players and together, we will thrive the next generation of U.S. soccer players,” said FIFA World Cup Champion Blaise Matuidi, Chief Football Officer at Strive Football Group. Matuidi played for Paris Saint-Germain FC and Juventus FC among other European clubs before moving to the USA and signing with Major League Soccer club Inter Miami.

American youth soccer players cannot wait patiently for urgent opportunities to improve their development as they age-out of the game and abandon their dreams of playing professionally in Europe. Authentic pathways to become a professional soccer player in Europe are rare in the United States’ youth soccer market.

“A shared passion for doing what’s right — and what is in the best interest of the player brought us together and we are proud to announce this partnership,” said Diane Scavuzzo. “Strive owns several professional football clubs and believes great coaching is the spark needed to make players unstoppable. We share this belief and look forward to all our combined players benefiting from our joint resources.”

America is a huge country with over 329 million people and only 27 Major League Soccer professional clubs. France’s Ligue de Football Professionel (LFP) counts 46 professional football clubs for a population of just 67 million people. Belgium’s football league system, sums up 24 professional football clubs for a population of 11.6 million. Even when you add all the professional clubs of varying levels in the US (31 USL Championship teams and 11 NISA clubs), European soccer has a rich heritage that reflects more than a century of passion and successful player development.

“Many youth soccer players dream of training abroad. Americans cheer for many sports but the world’s favorite game is soccer. In Europe, everyone talks soccer and it creates an unrivaled focus and passion. There is nothing comparable to heritage of European football,” said Scavuzzo.

International Soccer Academy announced a partnership with the Bundesliga’s FC Schalke 04 ( earlier this year and 22 American youth soccer players born in 2003 and 2004 are living at the Schalke campus in Germany for the 2021-2022 football season.


Founded by Eddie Loewen and Diane Scavuzzo, International Soccer Academy is the world’s leading youth soccer to professional career bridging program, with an ongoing mission to provide a solid pathway for elite players aspiring to play abroad. Providing real, authentic, and expert development opportunities with top European professional soccer clubs, International Soccer Academy is focused on developing successful players who are driven to reach their goals of signing a professional contract or play Division 1 soccer.

Since inception of the first residential player development program in Mallorca, Spain in October 2020, four International Soccer Academy players have signed contracts to be paid to play soccer in Europe and over 35 player trials with European clubs have been set up


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