July 14, 2023 Diane Scavuzzo

International Soccer Academy and FC Bayern Announce World Cup Winner Klaus Augenthaler as Head Coach of Global Academy

“Youth players often forget the most important thing about soccer…” says Klaus Augenthaler, former captain of Bayern Munich who played 404 Bundesliga matches.

BERLINJuly 14, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — International Soccer Academy announced today the legendary player and coach Klaus Augenthaler will be FC Bayern’s Global Academy head coach. Starting this fall, FC Bayern will host on the Bayern Munich Campus in Germany an elite team of talented Under 17 youth soccer players from all across America. Augenthaler, the former captain of Bayern Munich and FIFA World Cup winner, will lead the program, sharing his wealth of knowledge and expertise to nurture and develop young talents.

“I am very enthusiastic about training this group of American talents,” says Klaus Augenthaler. “I’ve worked with players of all age groups in our international programs, but U17s are at the doorstep of becoming professionals — so the mood is a bit different and special.”


FC Bayern is responsible for training many young talents and their new Munich-based Global Academy reflects the Bundesliga giant’s commitment to developing talented youth soccer players who are at the threshold of the professional player pathway.

Looking back when he was 17-years old, Klaus Augenthaler never imagined he would become the first player to win seven Bundesliga titles in his 15-year club career with Bayern Munich. “I led a simple life: Going to school and then going to training. I just focused on these two things yet had the luck of having good coaches that focused more on player development rather than results, as well as a very good team around me, which allowed me to flourish and have my debut at FC Bayern at age 18.”

Augenthaler would like to provide American youth soccer players with the same type of professional environment he experienced as a youth player.  When asked, “what do you believe is the most important trait for player who wants to become a professional player?” Augenthaler says, “Sometimes U17 players are so eager to show their individual talent and make themselves noticed, that they forget the most important thing about soccer: It’s a team sport. Every player will shine, within his capacity, as long as they play together as a team. Other than the basics we all know such as discipline and hard work, I believe that this teamwork mentality is fundamental for youth players.”

“Augenthaler’s immense contribution to football is renowned,” says Eddie Loewen. “The eighteen U17 players who will be coached by him are incredibly fortunate to progress under his guidance.”

Augenthaler has a proven track record of success and will play a pivotal role in nurturing the American players’ potential. “On the Bayern Munich Campus, we have perfect training conditions and we’ll bring out all our experience to help the players develop their game,” he says.

“International Soccer Academy is confident that Klaus Augenthaler’s appointment offers a phenomenal opportunity for serious Under 17 American youth soccer players who want a pathway to become a professional player. The Bayern Munich Campus is a first rate training environment and Klaus is a great mentor and truly inspirational coach,” says Diane Scavuzzo, Co-Founder of International Soccer Academy.

For more information, or to apply for one the remain roster positions on FC Bayern’s Global Academy, please visit International Soccer Academy.

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