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U17 Integrated Academy 2023/24 Team

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As part of the partnership with International Soccer Academy (ISA) and Hertha Berlin, an Integrated Academy team made up of highly talented American U17 players born in 2007 and 2008 has been training in Berlin since August 25th. This partnership offers US youth soccer players the exclusive opportunity to immerse themselves in German football culture and further develop their skills in a club with many years of experience. Read more…


Cameron Kinny

#1 Goalkeeper

1,76 m • 77 kg

international-soccer-academy-hertha-player-2023-Thiago-Ortiz C

Thiago Ortiz

#4 Defender

1,95 m • 79 kg

international-soccer-academy-hertha-player-2023-Ben Wang C

Ben Wang

#5 Defender

1,73 m • 63 kg

international-soccer-academy-hertha-player-2023-Om-Patel C

Om Patel

#6 Midfielder

1,80 m • 59 kg

international-soccer-academy-hertha-player-2023-Jordin-Long C

Jordin Long

#7 Midfielder

1,68 m • 61 kg

international-soccer-academy-hertha-player-2023-Preston-Larger C

Preston Larger

#8 Defender

1,75 m • 77 kg

international-soccer-academy-hertha-player-2023-Alejandro-Perez C

Alejandro Perez

#9 Forward

1,75 m • 64 kg

international-soccer-academy-hertha-player-2023-Marcus-Sims C

Marcus Sims

#10 Forward

1,75 m • 64 kg

international-soccer-academy-hertha-player-2023-Keith-McPherson C

Keith Parra McPherson

#11 Defender

1,73 m • 71 kg

international-soccer-academy-hertha-player-2023-Milo-Djuricic C

Milo Djuricic

#13 Defender

1,80 m • 68 kg

international-soccer-academy-hertha-player-2023-Oliver-Wever C

Oliver Wever

#14 Forward

1,85 m • 58 kg

international-soccer-academy-hertha-player-2023-Ethan-Elmore C

Ethan Elmore

#18 Forward

1,75 m • 65 kg

international-soccer-academy-hertha-player-2023-Marc-Castillo C

Marc Castillo

#20 Midfielder

1,78 m • 68 kg


Keenan Booe


1,83 m • 73 kg

international-soccer-academy-hertha-player-2023-Greg-Berkovsky C

Greg Berkovsky

#24 Defender

1,78 m • 64 kg

international-soccer-academy-hertha-player-2023-Camden-Osburn C

Camden Osburn

#33 Goalkeeper

1,78 m • 64 kg

international-soccer-academy-hertha-player-2023-Daniel-Iranikhah C

Daniel Iranikhah

#39 Defender

1,73 m • 66 kg

Daniel Felgenhauer

Daniel Felgenhauer

Head Coach, Hertha Berlin Integrated Academy

Francis Kioyo

Francis Kioyo

Youth Performance Coach, Hertha Berlin Integrated Academy

Michael Scavuzzo

Michael Scavuzzo

Team Director, Hertha Berlin Integrated Academy

Joannis Grigorak

Joannis Grigorak

Physiotherapist, Hertha Berlin Integrated Academy

Fall 2023 Session

international-soccer-academy-hertha-player-2023-Jacob-Mudry C

Jacob Mudry

#1 Goalkeeper

1,76 m • 77 kg

international-soccer-academy-hertha-player-2023-Lincoln-Wallace C

Lincoln Wallace

#3 Forward

1,88 m • 73 kg

international-soccer-academy-hertha-player-2023-Jackson-Davenport C

Jackson Davenport

#19 Forward

1,83 m • 73 kg

international-soccer-academy-hertha-player-2023-Matthew-Hagan C

Matthew Hagan

#26 Midfielder

1,80 m • 66 kg

international-soccer-academy-hertha-player-2023-Hayden-Quest C

Hayden Quest

#40 Defender

1,80 m • 68 kg

international-soccer-academy-hertha-player-2023-Caleb-Simmons C

Caleb Simmons

#47 Defender

1,78 m • 68 kg

international-soccer-academy-hertha-player-2023-Jack-Illig C

Jack Illig

#22 Midfielder

1,78 m • 64 kg


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