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Cadiz CF U17 and U19 Integrated Academies
NOW SCOUTING FOR TOP 2009/2008 & 2007/2006 PLAYERS

Elite Integrated Residential Academy
at Cadiz C.F.

NOW SCOUTING FOR TOP 2009/2008 as well as 2007/2006 PLAYERS
for our two Integrated Academy teams

Inaugural Season Kicks Off

Our Second Season at Cádiz CF Starts This Fall:

Two teams of highly talented players born in 2009/2008 and 2007/2006 will start training in Cadiz, Spain in August and compete against La Liga Academies as well as local, regional and international competition. These U17 and U19 Integrated Academy teams follow the same curriculum as the Cadiz CF Academy teams.

Fun Fact: Nickname of club “Los Amarillos” for the distinctive kit color.

The season starts:

U17 team arrives at Cádiz CF on August 12, 2024
U19 team arrives at Cádiz CF on August 14, 2024

Winter Break: December 13, 2024 — January 13, 2025

Players on both teams fly home on May 15, 2025.

Virtual tryouts are currently available for the 2024/25 season. Interested players should inquire if they can qualify by completing the PLAYER INQUIRY form. Player highlight videos are required.

Rich Football Heritage

CÁDIZ CF is a prestigious football club based in Cadiz, Spain. With a rich history and tradition in Spanish football, the club has garnered a dedicated global fan base. Cádiz CF competes in La Liga, one of the most competitive football leagues in the world.

“The arrival of the American players makes us proud and shows the historical quality of Spanish football” — Cádiz CF

Where is Cádiz?

Cádiz is on the Atlantic coastline of Southwestern Spain and besides a serious soccer culture, it has golden sands, crystal clear turquoise waters, and year-round pleasant weather.

It is a slice of paradise for soccer players (and their visiting families) wanting to swim, windsurf or simply rejuvenate in the clear waters and expansive beaches with boardwalks dotted with sidewalk cafes.

Whether it’s Playa de La Caleta, where vibrant atmosphere meets refreshing ocean waves, or the tranquil coves hidden along the coast at Playa de la Victoria where pristine nature embraces visitors, there is a beach for every taste, along with amazing restaurants — all in a walkable small city.

The city of Cádiz, holds a fascinating legacy dating back centuries and is one of the oldest cities in Western Europe.

The Best Players Need to
Train with Amazing Coaches

The International Soccer Academy partnership with Cádiz CF gives players the rare opportunity to intensely develop their football skills. Mirroring the structure of the Cádiz CF Academy, players will experience what a myriad of youth international players already have — the life of a professional with a rigorous training schedule, stimulating school curriculum, and challenging test matches against top youth La Liga clubs.

“The objective is to believe in ourselves, to grow, and be sustainable and successful.”

The inaugural season started on January 16, 2024 and ends on May 15, 2024.

"The internationalisation of Cádiz Club de Fútbol and of the Spanish LaLiga, as one of the best in the world, is the result of the quality of Spanish football, and therefore, of Cádiz Club de Fútbol."

Rafael Contreras - Vice President

Can You Imagine
Being a LA LIGA Academy Player?

La Liga is known for having some of the most renowned and successful football academies in the world. Players like Lionel Messi, Andrés Iniesta, Xavi Hernández (Barcelona), and Sergio Ramos (Real Madrid) are just a few examples of the many world-class players who started their careers in La Liga’s youth ranks.

This emphasis on youth development has not only produced incredible talent but has also contributed to the sustained competitiveness of Spanish football both domestically and internationally. This is why La Liga clubs are often considered breeding grounds for future footballing superstars.

"Cádiz CF represents growth and sustainability, and now, US youth soccer players join us on this exciting journey."

José Luis Donoso - Chief Operations Officer

The Cádiz CF Academy —
education and football

The Integrated Academy program offers unsurpassed and unequaled opportunities for US and Canadian youth soccer players to immerse themselves in a top professional club in Spain. Each Integrated Academy team has a dedicated Cádiz CF UEFA A Licensed head coach and assistant coach.

Cádiz CF, a La Liga club, excels in nurturing young soccer talent for the main team. Their holistic approach develops sports skills, academics, and character, with eight Academy players joining the First Team in the last 7 seasons.

Player selection for the elite youth soccer rosters requires approval by scouts and coaches, with a max of 22 players per team in the Integrated Academy Residency.

Please join Cádiz CF’s more than 6 million social media followers and know that our youth soccer players training here in Spain will be part of the 17,000 season ticket holders cheering for their La Liga team.

"The partnership brings American & Canadian players to Cádiz blending the competitive spirit of North American sports with the top quality of our La Liga Spanish football team."

Javier Muiños - Sports Director

The Academy

Cádiz CF tracks and observes the development of talented players and invites only the best to train at their La Liga Academy. International Soccer Academy and Cádiz CF have collaborated on the methodology for the successful and groundbreaking Integrated Academy.

"Our main aim is to boost the integrated US talent. The team will roll with the same game plan as our other academy players."

Enrique Gonzalez - Academy Director

The Spirit of Cádiz —
glory and determination

Cádiz CF’s football identity is built on resilience and determination. Throughout its history, the club has faced challenges, climbing up and down the football ladder, but always emerging stronger and more determined. This spirit resonates with the people of Cádiz, who take immense pride in their club’s ability to compete at the highest level against more prominent opponents.

Cádiz, a picturesque coastal city in southwestern Spain, boasts a unique and storied football identity that resonates deeply with its passionate inhabitants. With a history steeped in tradition and a proud sporting heritage, Cádiz holds a special place in the hearts of football fans across the country.

Did you know two of Christopher Columbus’ voyages to the New World sailed from Cádiz? In September, 1493, Columbus led at over 17 ships from Cádiz on the famous maritime expeditions of the Americas.

The city’s football identity is defined by its unwavering loyalty to its local club, Cádiz CF. Founded in 1910, Cádiz CF has been a symbol of unity and pride for the people of Cadiz.

"We are thrilled to welcome US talent to Cádiz CF, our philosophy and values will help them reach their fullest potential."

Manuel Anguita - International Director

Proud To Wear

Our Players Are Sporting Cádiz CF Gear on The Field

Our Pledge to Elite Youth Soccer Players

Players Deserve To Be Trained by Top Coaches with UEFA PRO or A Licenses.

No Soccer Compromises

Redefining the future of youth soccer, this joint initiative provides a completely integrated player development program with Cádiz CF. This unique immersion program was created to meet the higher needs of America’s most elite players.

Players will train at the Cádiz CF campus, the Ciudad Deportiva Bahía de Cádiz, formerly known as Instalaciones Deportivas de El Rosal. This is the sports complex where Cádiz CF Academy also holds their official matches.

No Academic Compromises

Players can take advantage of our educational partner, Arizona State University (ASU), which has a rigorous preparatory academy — perfect for serious student-athletes.  A part of Arizona State University, ASU is an accredited online school with an accelerated path toward college admission — and offers a flexible schedule so players can train and travel without missing school. (Additional costs apply).

Our Commitment to Players

This is the real deal. Excellent training. Intense Skill Development. Amazing Coaches. Scouting Opportunities. Official H Cádiz CF Training Gear and Uniform. Highly competitive games with La Liga academy teams and other clubs for a full season. Tickets for Cádiz CF’s Bundesliga home matches.

The training grounds Ciudad Deportiva Bahía de Cádiz has four football pitches: two with natural grass and two with artificial turf with stands for a capacity of 2,500 spectators.

Dedicated to the Player's Success

Exclusive Pro Academy Residential Program Provides Complete, Authentic Player Centric Development & Exposure

  • Matches:
    Highly competitive games with La Liga academies and other local, regional and international soccer clubs
  • Uniforms:
    Players will wear official Cádiz CF kits
  • Video Analysis:
    Matches will be filmed with the Veo camera system and analyzed, and players will receive individual highlight reels
  • Live Streaming of Matches:
    Our matches will be live streamed which will allow family, friends and recruiters to be part of the player’s match experience
  • Pedagogical Support:
    One (1) Full-time resident advisor/team director
  • Transportation:
    For training at Cádiz CF, as well as match days and cultural events, a bus or multiple vans will be provided.
  • Cultural Immersion:
    Each player will participate in a soccer oriented Spanish language course and additionally the team will participate in at least 10 cultural/ social excursions to learn about Cádiz CF's history and culture
  • Guest Speakers:
    International Soccer Academy and Cádiz CF are committed to providing guest speakers on a variety of topics including mental strength training to improve performance under pressure and college coaches with advice on how to get scouted
  • La Liga Experience:
    International Soccer Academy players will have access to Cádiz CF’s La Liga home matches
  • Social Media:
    Videos and pictures will tell the daily/weekly story of our youth soccer players in Spain

Application Timeline


Virtual Tryouts - Apply Online

Submit highlight video and/or coaching recommendations. All applications will undergo an evaluation process. Cádiz CF scouts will review player highlight reels.


In-person Tryouts

Another pathway to get approved. Cádiz CF scouts will review player highlight reels.


Personal Zoom Interview

With Eddie Loewen and/or International Soccer Academy coaching staff


Complete Player Application and Submit Deposit

If a player is accepted, he will complete and sign the Player Agreement. A non-refundable deposit is required.


On-Boarding Process

Zoom sessions


Arrival on Site in Cádiz, Spain

Parents are welcome to come and bring their players to Cádiz and attend the welcome ceremony.

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Our scouts require a highlight video and coach recommendations. All approved players will have Zoom meetings with the program’s coaching staff.

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