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Now Scouting for Elite Players Born 2006/2005/2004/2003

Könige & Grafen Sportwerk Academy


Starts August 2023

The International Soccer Academy Residency Academy Program with Sportwerk is 9 months of world class training and competition which aligns with Germany’s Bundesliga schedule. Only highly talented players who want to take their game to the next level will be approved for the 2006/05/04/03 team.

The program launches on August 14, 2023 and runs through May 31, 2024 with a month off for the holiday break
from December 8, 2023 to January 7, 2024.

Virtual tryouts are currently available for the 2023/24 season. Nationwide tryout and scouting schedule will be available soon. Interested players should inquire if they can qualify by completing the PLAYER INQUIRY form. Player highlight videos are required.

All schedules subject to changes due to COVID-19 safety protocols.

Playing on FC Schalke 04 Integrated Academy

Our Integrated Academy Reserve Players

Two Sportwerk Academy players were called up to play on FC Schalke 04 Integrated Academy U18s in 2022. The Sportwerk players Julian Rosario (middle) and Steven Hunsberger (right) played with International Soccer Academy’s FC Schalke 04 Integrated Academy’s Zeke Zambrano (left).

Intensive. Immersive.

The Sportwerk Residency Academy Program fully immerses American players in the German soccer culture and offers the best in technology driven training. The players live, study, and train at Sportwerk’s world class facility in Ochtrup, Germany. Players enjoy apartment style dormitories, dine in the full service cafeteria, play matches on Bundesliga-quality soccer fields and train in a world-class, state of the art multi-purpose indoor training center.

The U18/19 Academy team will be introduced to the highest level of coaching and training.

Our Academy players will be coached by UEFA A licensed coaches and have full access to Sportwerk’s highly qualified fitness trainers and sports therapists.

World Class Soccer Facility

Sportwerk is a brand new, state of the art soccer-specific training facility that provides an all-inclusive campus for elite level players who aspire to play at the highest level of German soccer. Sportwerk players will have full access to professional-grade training facilities, first class living accommodations, and highly qualified coaches and trainers. Located in the heart of German soccer, Sportwerk players will be able to compete against the best competiton Germany has to offer.

Players come here to achieve their individual peak performance. Only a very few Bundesliga clubs offer an equal level of coordinative and cognitive training technology allowing athletic and tactical-technical skills to be specifically improved.

Physical speed alone is not enough.

The SpeedLab

The SpeedLab, the interactive training ground at SportWerk, provides the ultimate in sports science player development.
Its SpeedCourt is equipped with sensors controlled by software, allowing targeted speed, reaction, or bounce training for individual players as well as the team. On a screen, fields with numbers light up alternately, and the coordinated floor displays numbers — players must touch their feet to the corresponding numbers — with increasing accuracy and speed. This is only one of several sports science performance diagnostics evaluations — and, players are challenged and have fun in every session.

The SpeedTrack is a multifunctional laser sensor measurement and training system for speed. The double lasers and double start plates guarantee safe triggering and optimal accurate measurement.

Having access to the SpeedLab provides players with continuous training, self-evaluation as well as feedback from sports scientists.

While experience may be one of the greatest teachers, these technologically driven training tools created by sports scientists can make a decisive difference. Players improve immensely with diagnostic training during the season. This is just one important added advantage along the pathway to becoming a professional or collegiate impact player.

GlobalSpeed measurement and training systems are based on scientifically based principles for the sustainable promotion of cognitive and motor performance factors: reactive, agility, perception, visual speed, reaction, and much more.

Creating Faster and Better Decisions


The SoccerBot360 allows you to simulate any game situation on a 1:1 scale.

Imagine immersing yourself in a 360° environment with 32 panels arranged circularly. A high-performance computer and six Full HD video projectors enable real-time rendered 3D content. This is real life game simulation and the ability to practice scoring from every angle. Players can compete against themselves or in a variety of game modes, including a multi-player direct duel.

An incredible tool to analyze and evaluate the decisive moments from the first-person view, the SoccerBot360 is fun for players and immerses them in the midst of a game rendered on the interactive circular area.  Speed of action, ball control, pass precision, shoulder vision, cognitive flexibility, anticipation, decision making are all tracked and scored.

Cognitive skills are trained and improved with the combination of physical and cognitive stress creating optimal soccer-specific conditions. The acquisition of performance-determining parameters, such as accuracy as well as reaction time is captured with a high-speed camera providing an objective assessment of performance.

All the performance tests are developed in cooperation with sports scientists and sports psychologists.

Both SpeedLab and SoccerBot360 technology drive training systems are used by top professional teams.

The Best Players Need to
Train with Amazing Coaches

The International Soccer Academy partnership with SportWerk gives 2006/05/04/03 players an opportunity to intensely develop their football skills. The coaching staff has a UEFA A licenses. Players will experience a rigorous training schedule, and challenging test matches against local clubs and youth Bundesliga academies.

Pathway to Professional Soccer: Realizing Your Potential

SportWerk Academy Team — For Footballers With Great Ambition.

This is where it can happen. This is where the tools are that can help enhance your performance and let you realize your potential.
SportWerk’s SpeedLab is the interactive training ground that allows top players to dramatically improve their soccer skills.
GlobalSpeed measurement and training systems are based on scientifically proven principles for the sustainable promotion of cognitive and motor performance factors – such as reactivity, agility, perception, visual speed, and much more.
Players in Germany’s Bundesliga clubs FC Bayern Munich, FC Schalke 04, or RB Leipzig benefit from this ultimate in sport sciences player development — and now so can elite American youth soccer players.

Building A Great Team of Talented Players

Today’s sports scientists have designed amazing technologically driven training tools that can make the decisive difference. The sports scientists and trainers at SportWerk are able to adapt the practice individually for each player, helping players improve immensely with diagnostic training during the season.

This is just one important added advantage along the pathway to becoming a professional or collegiate impact player, and we are proud to offer this to the SportWerk U18/19 Academy players.

“The professional soccer player of tomorrow
needs not only his talent, but must develop,
beyond his soccer skills, to become a top athlete.
This can only be done through individual and
measurable training management.”

Michael Schmidt, Sportwerk's Managing Director

Our Goal is to Maximize Our Players' Ability
to Learn and Perform

Excellence in Sports Nutrition: Providing every player with the ability to perform at their best.

Dedicated and focused teenage youth soccer players have high nutritional requirements … and to meet the demands of a rigorous player development program, it is imperative that the proper balance of protein, carbohydrates, smart fats are provided in the correct timeline. The SportWerk Academy team will enjoy a sport-specific healthy and delicious menu.

“The importance of nutrition in sports has long been neglected. Our goal is to create a nutritional awareness of athletes, which has a positive impact on performance” – Franziska Bender, SportWerk nutritionist.

“If you succeed once, it can be coincidence.
If you succeed twice, it may be luck.
If you succeed three times,
it is diligence, enthusiasm,
perseverance and will.”

Paul Schomann, former DFB coach, UEFA PRO License

Reach Your
Maximum Potential

25+ hours of soccer per week


Our Pledge to Elite 2006/05/04/03 Players

Players Deserve To Be Trained by Top Coaches with UEFA A Licenses.

No Soccer Compromises

Redefining the future of youth soccer, this special partnership provides a complete player development program utilizing on-the-field training with the best of technology for better cognitive advancement. With the simulation of any game situation being created on a scale of 1:1, players can analyze decisive moments and learn best practices. This program was created to meet the needs of America’s players who want to increase their performance level and game knowledge significantly.

No Academic Compromises

Players can take advantage of our educational partner, Arizona State University (ASU), which has a rigorous preparatory academy — perfect for serious student-athletes.  A part of Arizona State University, ASU is an accredited online school with an accelerated path toward college admission — and offers a flexible schedule so players can train and travel without missing school. (Additional costs apply).

Our Commitment to Players

Our commitment to excellence is the first step to helping players reach the next level in their development. Like all our programs, this partnership offers a unique and amazing youth soccer experience for players who want to make an impact on the field or dream of a pathway to becoming a professional player. High-quality coaching, competitive matches, supportive staff, and a professional environment provide an ultimate football experience.

Dedicated to the Player's Success

2005/04/03 Residential Program Provides Complete, State-of-the-Art Player Centric Development

  • Coaching Staff:
    UEFA A full-time coach, full-time associate coach; plus Goalkeeper training, athletic coach. Full access to Sportwerk physios and medical trainers .
  • Housing:
    Apartment style housing with 4-persons per flat. Double rooms with two single beds. Each flat has wifi, a bathroom and kitchen. 
  • Nutrition:
    3 meals per day, anti-inflammatory diet, water provided during training and during the day
  • Curriculum:
    Training curriculum harnesses the power of the latest technology combined with traditional daily soccer training and position based skills development — all on the highest level
  • Scouting:
    Opportunities / access to Bundesliga and other scouts based on individual player performance
  • Matches:
    Highly competitive games with Bundesliga academies and other clubs
  • Uniforms:
    Players will wear International Soccer Academy & SportWerk 2023/24 kits
  • Video Analysis:
    Matches will be filmed and analyzed, and players will be able to create individual highlight reels
  • Live Streaming of Matches:
    Our matches will be live streamed through Eleven Sports which will allow family, friends and recruiters to be part of the match experience
  • Pedagogical Support:
    Full-time player advisor that is schooled in Pedagogy, and Sports, and will mentor the players
  • Transportation:
    For team activities like games, vans or a bus will be provided; in addition, each student-athletes will have access to a bike to visit local areas.
  • Laundry:
    Daily washing of training and gamely kits plus weekly laundry service for all personal clothing
  • WiFi:
    High speed internet is available throughout campus
  • Cultural Immersion:
    Each player will partake in a German language course and additionally the team will participate in at least 10 cultural/ social excursions to learn about Germany's history and culture
  • Bundesliga Experience:
    International Soccer Academy players will have access to two (2) FC Schalke 04 Bundesliga matches and other games
  • Social Media:
    Videos, pictures will tell the daily/weekly story of our players living, training, and competing in Germany
  • Locker Rooms:
    Players have access to facility locker rooms with showers.
  • Player Lounge:
    Players have access to the players lounge with TVs, game consoles, ping pong, and darts.
  • Extras:
    Players will receive copies of match video for highlight videos to send to colleges. 

Application Timeline


Virtual Tryouts - Apply Online

Submit highlight video and/or coaching recommendations. All applications will undergo an evaluation process. Our scouts will review player highlight reels.


In-person Tryouts

Another pathway to get approved. Player identification sessions and in-person tryouts.


Personal Zoom Interview

With Eddie Loewen and/or International Soccer Academy coaching staff


Complete Player Application and Submit Deposit

If a player is accepted, he will complete and sign the Player Agreement. A non-refundable deposit is required.


On-Boarding Process

Zoom sessions


Arrival on Site in Germany

Hotel recommendations for families traveling with players are available.

For additional questions, please email us at [email protected]


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Our scouts require a highlight video and coach recommendations. All approved players will have Zoom meetings with the program’s coaching staff.

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